Here is a list of some of the courses and webinars I have followed in the course of my CPD :

arrow-harrespilJuly 2015. Coursera: Work smarter, not harder: Time management for personal & professional productivity.
Dispensed by Margaret Meloni, MBA, University of California, Irvine.

arrow-harrespilApril-June 2015. Certificate in e-marketing (Formation en marketing digital), delivered by Shaw Academy.

arrow-harrespilApril-June 2015. The Business School for Translators, by Marta Stelmaszak (Wantwords)

arrow-harrespilJan-March 2015. Coursera : Understanding terrorism and the terrorist threat.
                            This course explored questions relating to the who, what and how of terrorism studies by introducing students to cutting edge research and the experts investigating these topics.
Dispensed by Dr. Gary LaFree and Bill Braniff from the University of Maryland, College Park

arrow-harrespil4-03-2015. Webinar “Ta grep om skrivingen!” by Forfatterskolen, with Kristine Storli Henningsen and Camilla Otterlei.
                          Tips on how to set aside time to write, storytelling techniques and inspiration.

arrow-harrespil13-02-2015. Webinar Femmes de Challenges with Delphine Boileau-Terrien, “5 stratégies efficaces pour obtenir des clients dès maintenant sans jamais avoir à vous vendre”.
                         Strategies on how to expand your clients’ base.

arrow-harrespilNov/Dec 2014. Coursera : Conditions of war and peace.
                          This course nailed down some of the basic issues that have been argued in the current research on peace and security.
Dispensed by Professor Kiichi Fujiwara, on behalf of the University of Tokyo

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