Publication #4: Un bon jour pour mourir, by David Danish

Un bon jour pour mourir (A good day to die), authored by Iranian author David Danish, currently residing in the Netherlands, is the first war narrative that I translated.
It is no secret that I would like to make the topic of war narratives, focusing particularly on trauma and PTSD, the subject of my academic research, as well as a translation specialisation of mine. Translating this novel has proved interesting and challenging.

It is Wednesday, and the narrator is dying. His life flashes before his eyes, from the evening he got arrested for seeking the services of a prostitute in a Teheran hotel, to his visit to his grandfather, and his drafting into the war against Irak.
Baber, the young man, is indecisive, never knowing if he should escape or face his destiny, flee to Europe or go to war, and to what purpose or according to which ideology? Through his daily struggles and qualms, Danish describes how life was in the 1980s in the Iran of the Ayatollahs.

As a twist to keep me on my toes, I was not given the entire book in one go, but fed two chapters at a time, and could see the character slowly evolve and get more decisive… until the final goodbye.

Un bon jour pour mourir, par David Danish. Disponible sur Amazon et Smashwords.

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