Deepening my understanding of war narratives

As you have understood by now, I would like, both as a translator and as a researcher, to specialise in the topic of war and trauma narratives. I believe that the implications of this research cross the borders of a variety of fields, mixing psychology, political implications, and philosophical concerns, in an attempt to define the reasons humans have to wield wars, the narratives that justify them, as well as the enduring trauma that results, pervading memories and stories: the broken and wounded narratives of trauma.

My quest is not only a matter of terminology. It’s true that I have tried lately to improve my linguistic abilities in my three languages in order to understand and translate war narratives more efficiently. As a researcher, I realised that I needed to deepen my understanding of the philosophical, ethical, and political concerns that are at play behind armed conflicts.

When I found a course available on Coursera, I did the dance of joy! Tomorrow, I will be joining an online course from the University of Tokyo, entitled “Conditions of War and Peace”. I am eager to learn more about how power relations between countries or ethnic groups can shape the need for war or peace. The practical case studies of recent conflicts are also something I am looking forward to studying.

Some might call it a morbid fascination. My final aim is in fact to understand the nefarious influence of bellicose narratives better to disarm them, and on the other side to deconstruct trauma narratives to be able to cure that pain while preserving the memory.

See you tomorrow on Coursera!

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