Publication #3: A guide of the Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam

It was a pleasure to translate into French and expand this guide written by Liesbeth Heenk and Marko Kassenaar over the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. The book is part of a series of guides released by Amsterdam Publishers over the most popular museums in the Dutch capital. They have been translated in multiple languages and are both popular and informative.

The first of Anne's diaries
The first of Anne’s diaries

I read Anne’s diary when I was a little girl and it had prompted a life-long interest in the stories of those who had to live in captivity to escape persecutions, as well as in the heroism of their helpers.

Far from being a simple “tour” of the building, this guide doubles as a detailed biography of the two families who shared the Annex, but also explains the historical circumstances surrounding the writing and publication of the diary, as well as its cultural impact. Reading it before visiting the house and its annex will allow the visitor to understand the wider implications of the museum. It could also be read by schoolchildren who would like to learn more about Anne and the general history of the second world war.

Paperback available in French on Amazon by clicking here.

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