Publication #2: Van Gogh’s letters and his inner struggle

This book, written by art historian Liesbeth Heenk, Van Gogh specialist, is a vision and an interpretation of the artist’s struggle in his life and in his art based on his vast correspondence, notably with his brother (and protector) Theo.

If you have not read Van Gogh’s letters, I advise you to visit that fantastic website, Van Gogh letters, which contains absolutely all his correspondence (back and forth), translated into English when Vincent used French or Dutch.

Those letters function as a background to the numerous struggles encountered by the artist during his life. We discover him solitary as a young man, extaticly devout as an Evangelist while living in England, lost in alcoholism in Paris, flung into folly after a fight with Gauguin.

Far beyond a mere biography or an “art book”, Van Gogh’s Inner Struggle (La lutte intérieure de Van Gogh) is the revelation of the literary potential of a man who has been and still is too often reduced to the symptoms of his madness.

French translation available on Amazon by clicking here.

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